Untung4x4 is the Authorized Distributor of Kingshocks products in Indonesia.

We repair, install, adjust and tuning all Kingshocks products.


1-Top Cap

2-Top Cap O-Ring

3-Secondary Nuts

4-Secondary Nut O-Ring

5-Shock Cylinder

6-Coil Adjustment Nut

7-Coil Spring

8-Coil Slider

9-Coil Plate

10-Piston Retaining Nut

11-Piston Retaining Washer

12-Valve Shims

13-Piston Wear band


15-Base Washer

16-Top Out Washer

17-Shaft Spacer

18-Shaft Guide / DU Bushing

19-Seal Cap

20-Shaft O-Ring

21-Main Seal

22-Main Seal Retainer

23-Seal Cap O-Ring

24-Shock Cylinder C-Clip

25-Wiper Cap O-Ring

26-Wiper Cap

27-Wiper Seal

28-Set Screw

29-Shock Shaft

30-Rod End

31-Coil Adjustment Pinch Bolt

32-Piggyback Mounting Sleeve

33-Reservoir C-Clip

34-Piggyback Adaptor O-Ring

35-Piggyback Reservoir Oil End Cap

36-Reservoir O-Rings

37-Reservoir Cylinder

38-Reservoir Piston Wear Band

39-Reservoir Piston

40-Remote Reservoir Air End Cap

41-Schrader Valve

42-Piggyback Mounting Plate Bolts

43-Piggyback Mounting Plate

44-Piggyback Reservoir End Cap Bolts


46-Bearing C-Clips

47-Spherical bearing

48-Piggyback Mounting Sleeve O-Rings

49-Piston O-Ring

50-Main Seal C-Clip

51-Wiper Seal C-Clip

52-Wiper Seal Retainer

53-Wiper Seal

54-Wiper O-Ring

55-Wiper Cap Bolts

56-Remote Reservoir Hose

57-Remote Reservoir Oil End Cap

58-Remote Reservoir End Cap O-Ring

59-Schrader Valve Cap O-Ring

60-Schrader Valve Cap

61-Piston Bleed Screw

62-Seal Cap Bleed Screw

63-Bypass Valve

64-Bypass Spring

65-Bypass Valve Stop

66-Bypass Valve Stop Set Screw

67-Bypass Valve Stop O-Ring

68-Bypass Adjusting Nut O-Ring

69-Bypass Adjusting Nut

70-Bypass Adjusting Screw

71-Bypass Adjusting Jam Nut